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Logan has been building his 1992 Mitsi Lancer RS drag car dubbed NTAEVO (Not a EVO) since late 2005.
It has been a very bumpy and at times stressful road with many a thing not going exactly to plan, But in his own words "Every pain staking moment has been over shadowed by so much enjoyment and self satisfaction during the build".

Logan has Built almost everything on the car himself, from modifications to the chassis all the way to building the engine & fabricationg manifolds.
The only things Logan has not been able to do himself is fabricate the NZDRA spec rollcage, and any alluminium welding which has kindly been done by his friends working in the super yacht industry.

Since Logan has put in thousands of his own hours and many more thousands of his own money to build the car, D & R Design have decided to sponsor Logan all his safety equipment including 2 layer racing suit, Helmet, Racing boots, gloves & arm restraints. We are also supplying Logan with tow vehicle fuel to and from all his race meetings.

Current Achievements of note:
- In only his second season of racing Logan has achieved a PB time of 9.25@153mph
This makes NTAEVO the fastest 4G93T powered Lancer/or any vehicle) in Australasia and possibly the world.
(We are yet to hear of any quicker)

Logan would like to extend a huge thankyou to the following -

D & R Design - For all the race gear and huge amounts of fuel required to travel the Country for racing.

Kent @ Speedsource - For the awsome deals on parts, amazing tuning & loads of ongoing technical support.

Grant @ Urenui Automotive - For the countless hours of workshop use, countless months of car storage & tones of technical support & advice.

All his friends - That have also spent countless hours helping him build, prepare and race the car. There help has been priceless and very much appreciated.

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